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Easy and delcious Recipes to keep your fitness journy going strong !

Zucchini Pasta

Spiralize the zucchini using a spiralizer. If you do not have access to a spiralizer you can use a peeler to thinly peel slices of the zucchini. Blend 1/8 th of zuchini from the spiralizing along with 1 avocado and salt to taste for the creamy dressing.Chop all the vegetables (onions, red, pepper, tomatoes) and mix with the spiraized noodles. Top up with the dressing, lemon juice, sprouted mung beans and seeds.

Green Smoothie

This smoothie has it all - vitamins and minerals,omega 3, carbs for energy, protein and antioxidants.Blend all the ingredients together. Make sure the seeds from lemon have been filtered out before blending. Can be stored for up to 48 hours in the fridg. Note the bananas and apple can be substituted with any fresh fruits such as orange, pineapple, cantaloupe etc

Trail mix

Mix all the ingredients well, enjoy when you feel hungry or bored - very filling and deliciousGood for take out on those trails and long hikes.

Creamy Salad dressing

Blend all the ingredients until creamy consistency is reached.

Stir Fry

Add all the ingredients (except soy sauce)to a pan with 2 spoons of water , fry on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Top up with soy sauce