Simple enjoyable workouts

No more running on the treadmill till you drop dead. Our breath based workouts are easy and a lot of fun. See a sample

Easy, yummy & healthy recipes

This diet will naturally detoxify you giving you a healthy glowing skin - all while having energy you have never experienced before. Eat as much as you want - no more calorie counting or starving.

Meditation and mindfulness

We believe weight loss and optimal health is as much mental as it is physical. We all expereince cravings and eat when we are not even hungry, the meditation part of the program puts you in touch with your emotional swings and lets you take charge.

One on One Coaching

Every member gets one 30 minute video conferencing with one of our expert trainers - to make sure you are meeting or exceeding your goals.

Try us free for 14 days, after that as low as $6.99 per month (paid annually) - much less than a gym or yoga club membership.

We provide simple workout videos , nutrition, meditation and breathwork to help you beat stress, insomnia, cravings and permanently reach your goal weight. Even if you are already normal weight but not satisfied with your health, energy or mood - try our program and expereince the difference.

We ensure lasting weight loss through

Liver cleanse

You need an optimally working lever to convert the food to you eat to energy instead of storing it as fat. Our Optimal health for life program ensures that you eat the right kinds of food and perform water fasts to get rid of all the accumulated toxins.

Gut bacteria reset

Your biome or the bacteria in your gut determine not only how well the food is digested but also your mood and emotions. They are also a major contributor to your immunity. With the help of pre and pro biotics, our program will reset your gut flora to an optimal state

Meditation and mindfulness to curb emotional eating

We teach you simple meditations and mindfulness techniques so you do not overeat and chew your food well to promote proper digestion. You will no longer feel bloating, constipation, gas, acidity because the food will be absorbed and the waste will be completely eliminated. Deep breathing and getting in tune with the body helps us break the habit of stress or boredom driven eating - this program will help you master these techniques.

A workout that you will look forward to

Yoga and breath synched workout is the way to go when you want to make it part of your life because it is truely enjoyable. No more pushing your limits on the treadmill. The workout is gentle on your joints so you can continue it well into your advanced age and at the same time enjoy calm, balance, strenth and flexiblity that other methods cannot deliver.

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